TouchScreen drivers and touch coordonate driver

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Sorry for my english.

I have write a small driver describing an hid touchscreen, but without any screen attached to it. It’s a minhid driver.
Till today it seems it was working fine, the touch were on the window screen where i put the finger on my touch surface :slight_smile:
But when i change the resolution (from the highest marked “native” to any below), it seems that touch space coordinate are bigger than the screen window is displaying. For example my HID descriptor say that my X desktop are between 0 and 65535, but when the resolution is below the “native” one, nothing happen when my driver send 65535, because my screen right side are at 65000 or less depending of the resolution.
Is there any way to prevent this issue ? Is there a way to tell windows to change the mapping between touch coordinate and window screen coordinate ?

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