TOOL : GPEdit.msc : to disable driver signing check on Windows Server 2008


someone had posted a query regarding disabling of driver signing on Windows Server 2008. i was busy at that time and did not post a response then. however, i now can.

  • on Windows Server 2008 x64 DC, driver signing is checked at boot time and it
    cannot be disabled at all. every time you boot, the OS checks if a driver is
    signed and will not allow the OS to boot unless you specifically tell it to continue.
    pls press F8 at boot to see boot options.

  • there is a little known Management tool called ‘Group Policy Edit’ GPEdit.msc
    that can be used to disable checking for signed drivers during installation.
    Local Computer Policy -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates
    -> System -> Driver Installation -> Code signing for drivers

ODDLY, it does not seem to have any effect when installing an MPIO DSM on
Windows Server 2008, x86 or x64.

  • the only way to automate booting with an unsigned driver on WS8 x64 is to sign the
    driver using a Test Certificate that can be generated using the driver signing tools
    available in the WDK.

you also need to enable the TESTSIGNING mode of the OS using ‘bcdedit’. use
the command ‘bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON’. when this is done, on reboot,
‘Test’ is displayed on all 4 corners of the display.