To what level and how are Windows kernel driver code signing checked?

I am writing a Windows kernel driver.
For the driver I’m writing:
Many callback functions, IOCTL through the WDF driver, and network functions at the kernel level through WSK were put into a sys file.
Can I get approval from Microsoft for this?
There have been no BSOD cases during debugging and installation testing so far.

In other words.
How can I get my kernel driver certified by Microsoft without any problems?

Microsoft does not “approve” or “certify” drivers. To get your package signed, you have two options.

  1. You can download the Windows Hardware Lab Kit, set up your own testing environment, and run all of the tests required for your class of driver. If you submit the driver package along with the test log showing that you passed all the tests, they will sign your driver package and return it.
  2. You can submit your driver for an “attestation” signature, where you “attest” that you have done good-faith testing. Again, you submit the driver to Microsoft and they sign it and return it.

In both cases, you have to set up an account in the Microsoft Hardware Partner center to make your submissions. Microsoft does not do any testing. They rely on you to do it.

Does that mean, I just need to pass the Windows Hardware Lab Kit test and return the result? thank you
because I heard somewhere that Microsoft company is reversing driver files.

Basically, yes. The WHLK includes instructions on how to create a submission package, which includes your driver files and the test results.

If you have not done this before, however, do not underestimate the level of effort involved. The WHLK is a pain in the rear to setup and configure, and requires two computers (one controller, one client). One you have it configured, the test runs are all automated.

THEN, you have to have the Microsoft Hardware Partner account in order to have a place to submit it, and creating that account requires an EV signing certificate. If you don’t have that certificate, that’s the first step, and it can take a week to get one.

I don’t know what you mean by “reversing driver files”.

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