The official GeekFest invitation!

GeekFest 2004

You are invited to attend GeekFest 2004 this June 3rd through the 7th 2004
at StorageCraft’s Galactic Headquarters, our ranch on Palomar Mountain,
California, USA.

GeekFest is a huge five-day wilderness party for geeks and nerds. There’s
something wonderfully jarring about a bunch of dweebs sitting under the
stars, gushing about technology, science, philosophy and their first near
date. We have a complete electronic and computer lab with broadband Internet
access; enough to make any geek feel at home.

June 3rd, 2004 is arrival day and the festivities start the next day, Friday
and last through Sunday. Departure starts on Monday; we are flexible for
those needing to stay a day or so extra to accommodate flights.[1]This year
(like every other GeekFest) will be extra special in that we have a lot of
new people coming to join the slightly used left over from last year.

Last year, music was surly the high-light of the weekend. We are going to
try and top that this year; I cannot image how, but we will try.

Think about hanging around during the next week as right after the GeekFest
we will be hosting an archeological field camp here on the ranch; our place
has some pre-historical as well as historical significance, and there’s
hardly anything geekier than finding old stuff. Several of the professors
and students will come to GeekFest. If anyone is interested in staying an
extra week to watch the archeologist work, let me know.

PLEASE book your flights now and RSVP to me so that I can have some idea on
a head count. GeekFest is sponsored by StorageCraft. All food and drink are
provided. Your only expense will be the transportation to and from San Diego
and a room if you are not the “camping-type”. For what a room will cost you
for four nights, you can get some great camping gear. I can help in anyway.
I will even handle purchasing gear for first timers if you will send me your

Notes on being a comfortable Geek on Palomar Mountain:

  • Prepare for cool evening and warm days.

  • For those who do not wish to rough it (sleep in tents), we can make
    arrangements for local accommodations; there are several options available.
    Please send me an RSVP if you want accommodations. You will have to pay for
    the room and if enough people decide to stay in rooms, we may get a
    discount. I hope everyone will be willing camp.

  • Bring your own camping gear. Costco has some great deals on camping
    gear. If you can not bring or ship camping gear, let me know and we will see
    what arrangements we can make.

  • Please use FedEx to ensure delivery; we are remote.

  • Those wishing to ship camping gear, please ship it to:

Jamey Kirby

Nate Harrison Ranch

18187 Nate Harrison Grade Road

Palomar Mountain, CA 92060


  • We will be on a ranch and in the wilderness; please bring
    appropriate clothing; hiking boots sturdy clothing including light and
    medium layers for day and night. Bug spray is good to have: Our bugs are not
    that bad, but it is the wilderness and you can not escape them.

  • Once again, Internet access has been upgraded this year. We now
    have, in addition to the two-way satellite system, a second wireless
    broadband connection. Between the two connections, we have about 3 meg.

  • As always, there will be a day set aside for skeet shooting on my
    neighbor’s ranch (several miles away).

  • Saturday night will be music and fun at the open party. If you play
    an instrument, bring it! There will be lots of people at this party.

  • You are welcome to bring guests, spouses and families. We have
    horseback riding among many other activities to keep the active mind busy.

P.S. Anyone willing to arrive a day or two earlier to help complete the last
minute preparations is welcome :slight_smile:



[1] There will be one airport run on Thursday and one airport run on Monday.
If your flights are not on those days, contact me. We may be able to get
several people together to rent an SUV to bring a Friday group from the
airport. Otherwise, you will need to rent your own car. An SUV with
four-wheel drive is highly recommended.