NTFSD members… We’re ready… well, at least we think we’re ready.? Are YOU?

New web site:

(REMOVE THE SPACE from the email address)

Questions/Comments/Issues: CommunityMove

To summarize key points about the move:

The move is scheduled to take place on 19 September 2018.

  • You can visit the new site today to see how it looks, but you will not be able to login until sometime on 19 September.

  • We expect the (current) lists to be down and inaccessible on OSR Online (via the web, NNTP, or email) starting some time on 18 September (US Eastern Time).

  • We will be moving the entire archive of the NTDEV, NTFSD, and WINDBG lists.? Thanks to the Community for previously making your opinions known on this issue.

  • When the OLD list interface comes back up, it will return in “read only” mode.

  • Remember, on the NEW community site: (a) The NNTP interface will no longer be supported. (b) Initially, only a subset of users will be enrolled to receive every post (including all new posts and replies) via email.? The details are here in a previous post.

  • We will migrate your email address and you will use it to login to the new lists.? You will need to reset your password to use the new site, following the site’s password reset procedure.

Everyone will be able to post to the lists via email, and receive notifications about replies to their posts.? The email addresses have changed.? They are:

(REMOVE THE SPACE from the email address)


These email addresses are currently blocked, but will “go live” when the lists go live.? Email to the OLD addresses will receive a auto-response saying “the lists have moved.”

We’ve worked very hard to try to ensure the transition goes well… there have been months of planning.? But, being kernel devs, we’re also realistic:? We’re very sure there will be some problems along the way.? We ask your patience and forbearance while we move to our new home.? I, for one, can’t WAIT to be able to post to a forum that has chroma-coding and proper quoting in replies.

The OSR Community Move Team