TDI/TCP packet load problems

Hi there!

I’m currently playing a bit around TDI and TCP and I’ve got the following
in my sample driver, I send, depending or a random value, from 32 up to 128
small (32~128 bytes each) packets at once (each with separate TdiBuildSend
and separate buffers and separate MDLs); I use some kind of packet counter
decreased by the completion routine for the send requests. Sometimes, not
all of the data is transmitted (I use a sniffer to verify this) - depending
on the free will of my computer, transmission stops after a few or after a
lot of packets and does not continue, the send completion routine is not
called and nothing goes through the network besides some very small TCP
packets that are 100% not from my stuff.
I’ve registered event handlers for disconnect and error - they are not being
called. The connection is still there (netstat -a says that) and my data is
somewhere floating around with STATUS_PENDING.
I’ve noticed that the bigger my little packets are, the more seldom this
strange behaviour occurs, I once used packets of 512 bytes and the problem
above did not appear (I checked this 10 times); for packets of 64 bytes it’s
happening in 3 of 10 tests.
The client is a WinSock console app that is 100% ok. I use Win2k Srv SP1
both on my debug and my “real” machine.
I also tried some send flags like TDI_SEND_NO_RESPONSE_EXPECTED and
TDI_SEND_NON_BLOCKING. Both did not lead to any errors and it seems that
this problem does not occur that often if I use the flags stated above.

Do you maybe have encountered similiar problems?


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