TCP: call to invalid TDI function 0x1

For some reason when I try to associate a connection endpt to a
local address two things occur.

first: the debugger shows that an assertion on FsContext2 failed:
*** Assertion failed: (PtrToUlong(irpSp->FileObject->FsContext2) == TDI_TRANSPORT_ADDRESS_FILE) || (PtrToUlong(irpSp->FileObject->FsContext2) == TDI_CONNECTION_FILE) || (PtrToUlong(irpSp->FileObject->FsContext2) == TDI_CONTROL_CHANNEL_FILE)

*** Source File: d:\xpclient\net\tcpip\driver\tcp\ntdisp.c, line 4766

Second the TCP layer respons with

TCP: call to invalid TDI function 0x1

Why might this happen considering that fact that im using the DDK macros to build the IRP?

NOTE: both the address object and connection endpt were successfully created.