Symbol Files Included with Attested Signing Submission

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The Windows Dev Center has been warning us for a while that .PDB files
will be required for submission. Does anyone know the “why” or “how”
of this information being used?

On the one hand, I would default to assuming that the safe thing to do
will be to create stripped PDBs with only public symbols, since I have
no information and no control that Microsoft would possibly publish
these PDBs on the public symbols server at some point, as an aid to
crash dump analysis where one of our products is present.

But on the other hand, if Microsoft’s intention is to make the actual
signing and “approval” process do something it hasn’t done before,
perhaps they actually REQUIRE full private symbols in order to
evaluate whatever they intend to evaluate?

Alan Adams
Client for Open Enterprise Server
Micro Focus

You only need to provide PUBLIC symbols (this is actually documented somewhere). The point of providing the symbols is to provide you more data in the failure reports you get from the dashboard.