I have gone through couple of posts (https://www.osronline.com/showthread.cfm?link=259214) related to SW RAID in Windows. I have the similar query. For a custom RAID solution for PCIe SSDs, i have chosen the filter driver approach other than virtual storport mechanism. And things are fine, i am able to create/delete raid with my solution.

I would like to add boot support for RAID. Hence i have the query for adding hibernate and crashdump for a RAID volume. I have the benefit of having own filter + miniport. Windows loads only the miniport driver for primary device (which i expose as RAID volume) during hibernation/crash dump. In this case, i am able to map and access only one device PCIe BARs. How i can access other devices in the RAID volume to write/read hibernate/dump files. Is there any method to load other drivers?


What’s the point in making a RAID from SSD? What do you expect to gain from that?

Mirroring? IO channel widths?

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> What’s the point in making a RAID from SSD? What do you expect to gain from that?

>Mirroring? IO channel widths?

Why not use Windows software RAID for that, then?

Unfortunately, I’m affraid there is no way to force Windows to load other than the boot drive controller driver in crash dump hibernate mode. Even if you solve this problem you would need to implement OROM/UEFI that will allow to read from your RAID. When system loads up for short time uses orom/uefi drivers.

You can look on description:

Intel provides SW RAID for their PCI SSDs but it does not support booting from RAID: