Stream ID

Hi all:

I’m considering to get the information of streams in kernel, eg WIN32_STREAM_ID. But I didn’t get any hits about dwStreamId and dwStreamAttributes in DDK or on this list.

Could you please give me some advice? Thanks a lot.


Many of us on this list work with file systems, not with the Win32 API that wraps the Windows OS native file systems APIs, which is probably why you haven’t seen a response to your question thus far.

I had to actually search on the WN32_STREAM_ID name to even know what you were talking about (it’s a data structure in the backup API.) I think you’re missing an important point here which is that this is a WIN32 structure, not a native OS structure. From what I can tell, it looks like these two values do not relate to the underlying FSD data, but rather to interpretations provided by the Win32 layer (e.g., the fact the file is changing during the backup and thus cannot be verified.)

So, the reason you aren’t getting any hints about this is because they are foreign concepts to those of us at this level. We can tell you about building open file backup filters (which would suggest to a backup library that a file cannot be verified reliably) but we can’t tell you how Win32 implements its own logic or features.


Tony Mason
Consulting Partner
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