Storport Miniport not going past FindAdapter

I have some queries regarding the Storport Architecture.

  1. According to the DDK documentation after the call to StorportInitialize from miniport’s DriverEntry, Storport allocates the resources and calls miniport’s FindAdapter routine.
    In case of SCSIport, it allocates all the resources excluding the ones related to interrupt. The BusInterruptVector and BusInterruptLevel members of PORT_CONFIG… structure in case of SCSIPort are modifiable but in case of storport they are not modifiable. So, are the interrupt resources in case of Storport allocated before the FindAdapter call? I am getting values of these 2 members as 0 in my FindAdapter routine and my drivers doesn’t install properly (Fails with Code 10). So I want to check if the driver is failing because of the members being zero. Can these values ever be zero??

  2. The device for which i am writing this driver doesn’t support ScatterGather. I am getting the ScatterGather value as FALSE in the PORT_CONFIG… structure in FindAdapter routine whereas the documentation says that StorPort sets it as TRUE by default and the miniport should not modify it. Can i write a Storport miniport for a device that doesn’t support ScatterGather?

  3. There are some other members in the PORT_CONFIG… structure which the documentation recommends not to modify. Should one go with the documentation or these values are modifiable?