Storport Driver's WMIDataProvider Field in PORT_CONFIG_INFO.

Hi all,
I am writing a Storport driver and confused about the
WMIdataprovider field of PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION. According to
the documentation we need to provide and WMI interface for StorPort driver.

Indicates, when TRUE, that the miniport responds to Windows
Management Instrumentation (WMI) requests. The STORPORT driver initializes
this member to TRUE, because its miniports must support WMI. Additionally,
miniports for fiber channel adapters are expected to support the SAN
Management HBA API through WMI, and miniports for host-based RAID adapters
are required to support the RAID Management Interface.
Miniports that work with the STORPORT driver must not modify this

This was not a requirement in SCSI PORT driver.
Is this just the old documentation or it is really a requirement for STOR
PORT driver??