Hi all,

I am trying to open file from the remote computer and for that I used ZwCreateFile, and getting NT_STATUS errorr message “STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER”, while this working fine on local computer.

If anybody knows that let me know.


When an operation arrives over the network and says “hi, I’m the local computer” it is not believed - but on your local computer it is belived. If you would like to perform operations across the network, try performing them in the context of an account that is suitable authorized across the network (e.g., a domain account.)


Hi Tony,

But I successfully login into the Remote Machine, but still I could not open the file getting same error.


>But I successfully login into the Remote Machine,
Your arguments are really weird. Who are you? Are you all threads running on the system? You need impersonate, or execute ZwOpenFile in the context of YOU. :slight_smile:

Bronislav Gabrhelik