staticdv test uncertain item can not be displayed

Dear all

Dear all
I run staticdv for my source code. I found there is doublecompletion uncertain item. I use staticdv /view to see the report. But in report window, I cannot see the deployed source code.

thank you very much.

Uncertain results mean; SDV cannot prove a compliance or a violation of this rule. This result reveals an inherent limitation of the SDV heuristics; it does not represent a driver error. Therefore, uncertain results don’t generate defect traces.

The “” link, explains the troubleshooting information in case SDV generates Uncertain results.
Basically, the recommendation in the link is; to re-run the rule with “/refine” switch. i.e. “staticdv /rule=doublecompletion /refine”. This command takes longer, but verifies a larger portion of the driver.
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