Smart card Minidriver

Hello ,
About a year ago we certified our Smart Card Minidriver. The Minidriver passed all Microsoft tests.
Now we have a problem using Biometric authentication in RDO desktop when "scrmoveoption "option is set to 1 (UnLock) on client and server.

We perform login to client and server using Biometric device without any problem.
In this scenario Minidriver of the client (CardAuthenticationEx called with parameter pPinData = NULL) displays our UI Windows for finger presentation and performs Biometric authentication, then Minidriver of the server uses session’s pin for authentication (CardAuthenticationEx with Flag CARD_AUHTENTICATE_SESSION_PIN)

The problem is occurring when Windows performs Unlock( smart card is removed and then inserted).
In this scenario Windows calls CardAuthenticationEx with parameter pPinData = NULL on server and locks Minidriver of the client (as I understand Microsoft blocks every function of the Minidriver using SCardBeginTransaction). In this case CardAuthenticationEx of the server wait for finger presentation, but the client cannot see a local Desktop with our UI windows for finger presentation, because client Minidriver is locked by SCardBeginTransaction of server.

How we can solve this problem ?

Best regards