SM-HBA requirements for StorPort miniports

In Server 2008 R2, hbaapi.dll has been enhanced to support the SM-HBA
extensions (though it still describes itself as “HBA API Rev 2-18 2002
March 1”, which pre-dates the three or four versions of ANSI Standards
before SM-HBA …). The associated WMI classes are documented in the WDK.

Does anyone know what requirements are there on StorPort miniport
authors to implement the SM-HBA classes? Are there any plans for the
Logo and driver signing programs to require support? There are currently
8 Gbps FC HBAs with drivers signed for 2008 R2 which appear not to
implement these classes, and so are unable to report that they are
connected at 8 Gbps.

Mind you the documentation for these classes appears lacking at first
glance, since it doesn’t mention defines for 8 and 16 Gbps - they’re in
the header though.

Thanks for any insights.