Single controller AHCI driver manages multiple disk. But, NVMe driver has controller for each disk.

I would like to understand the difference between the AHCI controllers and NVMe controllers (Standard Microsoft provided controllers).
I see that AHCI controller manages multiple disk with single controller instance. But, for NVMe , one to one mapping between controllers and disk. i.e, 5 disk means, 5 controller instance available.

What the special about NVMe, that has requirement for individual controllers object for each disk ?

My device managers shows,

-Standard SATA AHCI controller
- ST3500410AS
- ST2500414CS

-Standard NVM Express Controller
- Samsung SSD 250gb
-Standard NVM Express Controller
- Samsung MZVL256HCHQ-00B0

This is really not an appropriate topic for this forum. This forum is primarily for professional system software developers to ask and answer questions about Windows projects.

There are many, many, sites in the internet that’ll explain NVMe for you. Some might even be sort of up to date. I suggest an afternoon with Google.

In the meantime, I’m closing this discussion.


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