Hello guys:

I just got my Class 3 certificate (it’s named VeriSign Code Signing (Class 3) Digital ID) from VeriSign. But, it’s not .cer as what I imagined. That’s a .pvk and a .spc.

Should I convert them to a .pfx file? If yes, how can I install it to my certificate store? Then, how to sign my driver without a .cer file?

Since WDK just simply says : follow the instructions on the certificate authority’s web site… and VeriSign says : please refer to your signing tools vendor’s specific instructions… It seems that both of them think that it’s another party’s duty to explain the steps to customers. Sigh…

Or, are we wasting money on a wrong certificate?

BTW: When my colleagues tried to buy a Class 3 certificate from VeriSign, they could not find such product on their website. After couple hours searching, they were still not sure if that one named Code Signing Digital ID was the one they wanted. It seems that this business is not well regulated.

Yes, convert the pvk/spc to a PFX.

Check out this article on OSR Online: – I think this’ll answer your questions.

You can also search the archives. This specific issue has been discussed before.


Sure. That article is what I read at the first time and I was also the first few readers of it when it was posted on this list.

I also searched here but did not get a clear answer. It seems that I missed something…try again.

Anyway, thanks Peter.