Should I need to enable caching in a SFO minifilter?


My minifilter opens a shadow file object and redirects all requests to the real file.

I think, the SFO already has caching enabled (depending on how was the file opened) so, for e.g., if the system tries to read data from the cache, although the upper FO does not cache anything, the SFO will read from cache.

I want to know if the above assumption is correct (in such case performance impact should be minimal) or totally wrong.


It all hinges on whether you (a) much with the parameters to
create/read/write and (b) set FileObject->SectionObjectPointers to (it
sounds like you need to set it to the same field in the lower file object.

The parameters are untouched. just a transparent redirection with minor “hooks” like returning the original requested filename instead of returning the real location of the file.

By the way, it never came to my mind to set that pointer to the lower file object :slight_smile:

Thanks Rod.