Seeking Advice on Debugging a Kernel Mode Driver Crash

Ugh, kernel driver blues! Been working on this driver (mydriver.sys) for a while now, but it keeps crashing my system randomly.

I've tried looking at the crash dumps (with WinDbg), but I can't quite figure out what's wrong. Seems like it might be messing with memory somehow, but I'm not positive.

Here's what I know:

  • My driver (mydriver.sys) is the culprit
  • Crash happens when the driver uses a user program's memory space

I double-checked how the driver accesses user memory, but the crashes keep happening. Maybe there's some timing issue or something else going wrong, but I'm stuck!
I also check this : Tips on diagnosing system hangrails But I have not found any solution.

Anyone else ever face something similar with driver crashes? How did you debug it?
Thank you!

We need a ton more info:

  • What TYPE of driver is it?
  • WDF or WDM or ??
  • How are you accessing the user data buffer?
  • Post the output from !analyze -v

P.S. MY money is on “you’re accessing the user’s data buffer using a User Mode virtual address, and you’re not in the context of the requesting process OR you’re in the right context and at elevated IRQL”… but that’s a pure guess.