Hi all,

I came up with a new problem … we’ve written a
scsi miniport for win9x for virtual cdrom devices .
Now, suppose at one 4 device is present ie 4 LUN’s of
a target id is active. Now… media removal and
insertion is checked by the scsiop_test_unit_ready
command from scsi port driver. But even if I have 4
devices present scsiop_test_unit_ready command is
coming only for device (targetid=0 and lun=0). So I’m
not able to mount and unmount devices except the first
device. So how can I make scsiport driver send
scsiop_test_unit_ready command for every other valid
devices( lun’s )… Is there any special parameter
I should send to mode_sense10 command ???

waiting for your reply…

thanks in advance


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