Scsi Miniport Driver Initialization routine Not getting called.

hi all,
I am working on SCSI miniport Driver for Windows NT 4.0. I am seeing
a strange problem that my Initialization routine is not getting called even
though i return FOUND ADAPTER from the Find routine. This driver is tested
on some hardware and works fine.
The Driver is for the IDE disks. It loads itself as a Scsiminiport
driver and recieves the Scsi Commands converts them to the IDE commands and
fire them to the adapter. I am now testing with the Onboard embedded channel
for the ide disk. but i am seeing although the driver returns FOUND ADAPTER
from the find routine my initialization routine is not getting called.
Just for information i have disabled ATDISK and ATAPIDISK services
so that they do not take over my disk.

Any help is appriciated.

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