SCSI basic Doubts?

Hi all,
i am having some basic doubts with respect to SCSI Port Driver.
1>how exactly u start with PortDriver coding?like is there any exapmles in
DDK,if so is it complete code?

2>What and all should be taken care at port driver level?

3>whether it acts as an Intermediate driver or as an Filter driver?i know
that it acts as an Intermediate driver only(subsystem),but i am in
confusion between the funcions of Intermediate & filter Drivers?

4>while the system boots which Driver gets installed first,like hierarchy
of the driver loading?either Bus Driver or any other driver?

5>how exactly the Busdriver Creates the PhysicalDevice Objects for the
Subsytems?& what is the logic involved when our driver gets loaded it
created an FDO,how is it taken care by the Subsytem?

please do reply for these doubts.

thanks in advance.
Vishwanath M.

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