Screen Capturing Prevention

Hi all,
I need to be able to block video recording and taking screenshots (using apps like Camtasia, ApowerREC and etc) from the kernel level in the Windows operating system. Is there a solution available for this issue?
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This is absolutely hopeless. There are too many paths that aren't under your control. Even if you did, all the user has to do is get out their phone, and your security is useless.

Remember how the network TV stations broadcast the moon landing video? The NASA video format was incompatible with their technology, so they setup a camera to film NASA's monitor. It added a lot of static, but it worked. That's the most basic way to work around this kind of protection, and it is so low tech that almost anyone can do it

Thank you for your response.
While it is true that a camera can be used to bypass defense mechanisms, I would like to know if technically there is any solution available to prevent video recording and screenshot taking through kernel-level drivers or not.

In practical terms, no. How would you do that? It's not like there is a "screenshot" function that goes through the kernel. Applications sometimes need to do bitblts from the frame buffer to a bitmap. If you blocked screen-to-memory bitmaps in GDI, you're going to break those applications. Even if you did, all an application has to do is create a DirectDraw or Direct3D surface that maps the screen, and they can grab images without involving any driver code at all.

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The short answer is no. The long answer is a lot longer, but ultimately results in no.

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