Scanner Class Driver


So the Goal is to make our 1394 Camera which uses SBP2 get mananed by the
Windows 2000/XP ScsiScanner Class Driver. And they be able to access the
camera via CreateFile/ReadFile/WriteFile commands from our customer app.

So Far:

We Plug the Camera in (Its actually a Camera, but we are advertising it to
Windows via the SBP2 ROM entry as a scanner)

Windows sees the new device, we then point it at our own custom .inf file
(We modified an existing one)

When the installer completes, our device shows up as an imaging device, and
the Scanner shows up in the Scanners & Cameras Control Panel.

The problem is that we can’t open the device, we get error Code 5
“Permission Denied”. Our theory is that Windows has already opened the
device exclusively (Since we see it in the control Panel)

Is there a way to do what we are doing, and have access to our device
ourselves ?