Sample for multiport serial adaptors

Is there any sample available for multi port serial adaptor driver? I want virtual serial ports to be created based on this

The problem with multi port serial adapters is how they their registers are laid out. I have done a support for a number of boards with multiple serial ports where the ports look like a 16550 but are all in one BAR and share an interrupt. These are fairly easy to do since you can use most of the serial sample.

If you are trying to do multiple virtual serial ports, you should still be able to use the virtual example, either just create the ports you need with something like DEVCON or create a very simple bus driver to create the ports.

I have created Virtual Serial driver using umdf2. That is fine.
Can you briefly explain, how to create multi port serial adaptor with that?

Create multiple instances of the device, and you are done. That is why I suggested either creating multiple devices using DEVCON or else create a KMDF bus driver to instantiate the devices.

OK thanks!