Rules around ECPs

During processing in pre-create path, it may be needed to issue a create request from the minifilter for the same or different file, with the same or similar or totally different parameters, to the top of the stack or at the minifilter’s altitude - before passing the original request down. So far so good.

In that context: are there any rules regarding the ECPs that may be present in the original request? Should the new create request include ECPs copied from the original request? Or, should it start blank (without any ECPs) provided that the minifilter has no particular reasons to include its own ECPs? Or, is the answer “it depends” (on what?)?

It depends on the purpose. If you are intending completing the create yourself (Isolation or Shadow FO filter) you would be well advised to copy the ECPs both on the way down (pre) and on the way back up (post).

Otherwise - in the case of a subsidiary create - I _tend _to treat them on an individual basis, but mostly I don’t copy…

Obviously it depends on hat you are doing and (aggravatingly) what the (open-ended list of ECPs) are going to try to do.