rtshiva invites you to try out FriendFeed

Message from rtshiva:

I’ve been using FriendFeed, a great way to share things with my
friends and family. I thought you might like to try it out, too.
Check out my feed here: http://friendfeed.com/rtshiva

To give FriendFeed a try, visit

To see FriendFeed in action, check out http://friendfeed.com/. If you
have any questions, please contact xxxxx@friendfeed.com.

Your friends at FriendFeed

If you no longer wish to receive any email from FriendFeed, visit

Very very sorry for the message folks, Please ignore this. next time i’ll check the contacts before subscribing to sites :slight_smile:

No more replies. Thread locked.

I’ll delete this thread from the archives.