RNDIS Device HCK test setup


I’m in the middle of certifying a modified inf file for a RNDIS driver. It
is used to connect with a Gadget Ethernet based driver in Embedded Linux
driven device.

I have modified the RNDIS template inf file and created the inf to load the
driver to the device. I have completed many 1-Machine related tests. But
there are some other tests which require two devices to run the test. I
could not even start the test as the test setup configuration is tricky.

My device is a printer which runs embedded Linux. It is connected though
USB connection. USB Gadget Ethernet is used for communication. So current
test setup is as follows,

Printer (Test Device) is connected using USB to a PC. That PC is then
connected to the company internal network. A server which runs the HCK and
another HCK client is also connected to the company internal network.

Is this the correct configuration?