Restarting input filter drivers without a reboot

I have two input filter drivers (keyboard and mouse) that I’d like to update
without requiring a reboot if at all possible.

I know this isn’t possible if I’m filtering a PS/2 stack, but in other cases
I should be able to update the driver and restart the devices to use the new
binary without requiring a reboot.

Devcon uses DICS_PROPCHANGE to restart devices, so I should be able to use
the same approach. My question is how I determine if any of the keyboard or
mouse devices are PS/2 and a reboot is therefore required. Do I just call
the SetupDiXx functions and observe if the return code indicates that a
reboot is required, or is there a different approach I should take?




Yeah I have done something similar I just used SetupDiGetDeviceInstallParams

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Thanks Dan. That’s similar to what devcon does. I just implemented it and things work great.