Request of network informations

Dear professional,

We have written an Intermediate driver, modifing Passthru sample in DDK
documentation: we have tested
our work and we have noticed that we have a delay of performance of 1-4%
respected vs Windows 2000 without ou filter over LAN of 10Mbit.

This delay, for our work, is very good; but we have noticed another
problem: over LAN of 100Mbit (only two host, connected directly) delay is
about 10-10.5%. Our question is: can our module work only 10Mbit? In other
words, packets which Passthru filters can goes only within 10Mbit (max of

Another question: is it possible to have subnet address of our host in
kernel mode?

We thank you in advance and we remain yours truly.

Cristiano Notargiacomo
Giuseppe Aurilia