rep: Invalid URB ? Bugcheck 0x7e

For the user mode address, you can transfer it to system address using MDL
which can be used in arbitrary threads. Search IoAllocateMdl in WDK for
Good luck.

Thanks Alex and Tim for replying. I actually know that this is a user mode
address and that using that is unsafe. The issue is that I am not the one
that is putting this address in the URB. The only component i have in the
entire operation is the bus driver. I am suspecting that the URB is
containing user mode address when it reaches my driver. Now by functionality
of my driver it collects the requests in Workitems an schedules them. Now
since the workitems are processed in System context in which the address is
not valid the bugcheck occurs. Is the working of the driver correct to send
me User mode address in TransferBuffer. If it is what should be done in this
case ? If not how can i confirm the same ?

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