Register for driving external Add on PHY.

Hi Experts,

I have been make one of the windows ethernet driver functional.In this
driver we have an ethernet MAC chip and an external add on cards(ex:Gearbox
and field cards) as PHY’s. MDIO (management device input output) bus is
used to connect an ethernet MAC with the PHY.

I have observed that in Linux device driver,they use ‘mdiobus_register’ API
to set the communication channel between MAC and the PHY. Can anyone please
let me know if there are any windows driver API which is equivalent to

I wanted to know how windows network ethernet driver establishes its
communication with the external PHY’s.
What is the mechanism used for this?

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There is no generic MDIO support in Windows. You have to write your own.

Do we able to get any windows sample for writing MDIO support?

Hi Grig,

I have got some code of MDIO Phy from linux. Does porting of this code in windows helps?
MDIO helps in detection of external PHY connected and tells driver to configure based on the PHY connected.

Is it my understanding correct?

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Here is an ndis driver on github using MDIO

Mark Roddy

Hi all,

For 10G do we need to have MDIO support?
Does MDIO is used as the backward compatiblity?