Regarding higer level USB printer driver..

Hi! boss,
I m writting a higer level layered USB printer driver. Now I m processing
one custom IOCTL in this driver. When we will get an IRP with this IOCTL,
my driver is creating another IRP with IOCTL_INTERNAL_USB_SUBMIT_URB code
and an URB and pass this IRP to the lower driver. Now my doubt is that will
it work? Since I m writting this driver one layer above existing driver. My
question is that when the driver just below my driver gets this IRP how it
will behave? Will it pass the IRP then to the lower level driver or it will
cancel that IRP with status INVALID_PARAMETER. If you have come accross
this problem and worked please help me out.
Thanking you…
Debabrata Debnath

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