Reading PCI configuration space and modifying from storport

I would like to change the relaxed ordering bit in PCI capabilty register/Device control register from stoport.
I could see storport have StorportGetBusdata function, but could not see a way to read and modify the PCI capability regisister.
As StorportGetBusdata just donot allow to read the PCI config space with some specific offset.
Is there any other API availble in Storport to read and modicy PCI config space?

What are you hoping to accomplish here? If the device is capable of handling relaxed ordering, it sets the bit. If the operating system decides it can’t be supported, it clears the bit. You aren’t really in a position to override either one.

Hi Tim Roberts
Here the OS side there is a data corruption because I doubt this is due to Relaxed ordeing bit set. Would like to disable it in the OS Storport miniport driver and see the corruption happening or not.

Use StorPortSetBusDataByOffset for setting. Unlikely to be your problem

Mark Roddy