Re: Windows Error: "The Specified network name is no longer available".

Hi Steve,

I checked it and your doubt is right. MTU is an issue in my case. I’m
appending a trailer of 5 bytes to the original packet. So when original
packet size becomes > 1495, miniport driver simply drops my new packet which
now has size > 1500.
I thought of two solutions:

  1. Fragment the packet and send two instead of single packet. On the
    receiving side, I don’t need to handle the fragmentation as it will be
    handled by upper layer.
  2. Set the MTU to 1495 instead of 1500.

The first option will take time to implement. Is there anyway of setting the

Thanks for your response,
Amit Manocha

“Steve Dispensa” wrote in message
> On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 20:59, Amit Manocha wrote:
> > I installed my IM-based drivers on two of the machines and tried to
> > communicate between them. Ping, transfering small files work fine. But
> > I try to access (remotely) directories of the other machine, then after
> > trying for some time, windows gives error: “Can’t copy X: The Specified
> > network name is no longer available”.
> > I checked the Event Log of my machine, but it doesn’t reveal anything.
> What does the IM driver do? Could be an MTU issue…

> 2. Set the MTU to 1495 instead of 1500.

Yes, update the upper edge MTU by responding the query properly.