Re: [windbg] : [windbg] Using virtual serial port for non-kernel debugging?

>You can use kernel debugger for udermode debugging. Place a breakpoint into

your application (either _asm int 3 or call to DebugBreak

Just for completeness, it’s also possible to do user mode debugging through
the kernel connection without having hard coded breakpoints in the code. I
described this previously here:

However, having spent the last few months working on my first project in a
while with a large user mode component I can confirm that installing the
debugger on the target is *far* easier in most cases.


Scott Noone
Consulting Associate and Chief System Problem Analyst
OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc.

Yep, using that one sometimes as well. However, if you need to debug a process startup, it is next to impossible to catch the early execution.