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While it might seem counter intuitive, network is simply less convenient for
us . I don’t want my test system on my private LAN and I usually don’t even
want it connected to the internet (especially when I don’t want to fight
with WU running while I’m trying to get my code working). The only saving
grace is that the 1394 bits (will eventually) still be available, which just
means an extra step when configuring test machines.

Shouldn’t they be on an LTSB? IoT Enterprise should have a much longer
update cycle.


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About a third of my clients are seriously looking at ending Windows support
of their products before they are forced to go to Windows 10. If nothing
else the Windows Update cycle of four months makes it impossible for them to
get certification of their system (things like medical devices, telecom, and
casino gaming have longer cycles than Windows allows).

Don Burn
Windows Driver Consulting

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Scott Noone wrote:
> 1394 debugging has been removed from Windows, focus is switching over
> to network debugging. You will eventually need to get the 1394 bits
> from the SDK, current workaround is to find them elsewhere:

You know, I’ve always been pretty much of a Microsoft “fan boy”, as some on
this would list put it. Being an MVP for 22 consecutive years attests to
that. But I have to say, I’m really starting to develop an attitude. Many
of the decisions made during the short lifetime of Windows 10 seem to be
short-sighted and unnecessarily hostile towards developers and users. Our
big telemetry project is migrating its data analysis engine from Windows to
Linux, largely because we no longer feel like we are in control of our own

I don’t like the direction Windows is going.

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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