RE: Where does NT put the friendly COMx name in the regis try?


Install the driver using CreateService,StartService etc. Add an entry in

That is sufficient for NT.

-Sanesh Kumar K

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Dear Friends,
I have written a virtual serial driver and tested it fine on Windows
2000 and NT. However I noticed one change in way the driver got installed
on NT and 2000. In 2000 I installed it using Add/Remove programs. In NT
since there is no such way of installing the hardware, I used the
DefaultInstall section in my INF to get it installed with
RightClick->Install option.
Though the NT version works fine, I find that unlike in 2000 where
there was an entry for my port in \ENUM\ROOT\PORTS\0000 there is no such
entry in NT. Instead in NT there is a \LEGACY_VIRTUALPORT entry for my
port. The “Portname” key which holds the friendly name assigned to my port
by windows is missing in NT. Where is the friendly name stored in NT? Have
I made some mistake in my INF or the driver which is making my port entry
not appear in \ENUM\ROOT\PORTS? Please advice.


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