Re: What's wrong with the file-copy operation from- Lanman servers?

If you’r running NT 4.0 SP3, then you’ll need a special hotfix ADMFIX to
tackle this problem.

Bartjan Wattel

At 18:44 25-9-2001 +0800, you wrote:

In my virtual drive, if the image file is local, the file-copy operation
is OK. If I place the image file in another Lanman server, when I copy
files from the virtual drive (more than 150MB), the files can be copied
but at the same time the memory is lost seriously. Via memory monitor
software, I can see the memory decreases without any rise until 1MB, then
the system is almost dead lock. It is so strange because the local image
operation is OK.

My environment is NT 4.0.

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