Re: Welcome to the NT Kernel Debugger Discussion List

29.02.2016, 00:23, “Lyris ListManager” :
> Welcome to the WINDBG Discussion List!
> Please read this message completely. It includes info on how to
> access the list as well as a list of appropriate behaviors.
> This is the Windows Kernel Debugger discussion list, with a
> world-wide membership. To send messages to the mailing list use the
> address:
> Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â
> Your message will automatically be distributed to all members of
> the list. Only list members can post to the list. The means that
> the address from which you post must be the address you subscribe
> to the list with.
> This list is maintained by OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. for the
> overall benefit of the Windows system software development community.
> The purpose of this list is to facilitate discussion of technical
> topics relating to Windows kernel debugging.
> The following are specifically inappropriate regarding this list:
> 1) Commercial postings - This is a technical list, and the only
> posts that are allowed are technical in nature. Please don’t post
> advertisements or announcements for your products, services, or
> activities to the list. Your posting will NOT be considered
> technical(and thus legitimate), just because it starts with “I just
> wanted all you to know that we’ve released a new version of” some
> software. On the other hand, if somebody posts question saying
> “Can anybody recommend a good XYZ?”, it’s perfectly fine to answer
> “Yeah, we make XYZ’s and we think they’re pretty cool. Please
> contact me off-list for more info.”
> 2) Job solicitations - Not from commercial concerns looking for
> developers, not from head hunters, not from small companies, not
> from people looking for work, not from consultants looking for
> clients. There is a Windows drivers job posting bulletin board
> for both people seeking jobs and people who are looking for
> developers at Use it, not this list.
> 3) Salary, consulting rate or price discussions - Something about
> the laws here in the States about price fixing comes into play here.
> Please just don’t do it.
> 4) Use of the email addresses of list members for “direct mail
> advertising” of any type.
> 5) Anything that, in the judgment of the list managers, is not in
> keeping with the overall purpose of the list or is not in the best
> interest of the Windows system software development community.
> Multiple incidents of inappropriate conduct on the list will result
> in that member, and perhaps all members from the offender’s company,
> being banned from the list.
> You may read messages from, and post messages to, this list in either of
> three ways:
> 1) Via email (discussion, digest, or index). Select the type via
> the web interface (see “Managing Your List Membership” below).
> 2) Via a news reader (such as outlook express). Point your
> newsreader to, use your email address as your
> username and supply the password that you used when you signed up.
> A complete description of how to participate in the list, including
> a detailed description of how to set-up and use the Outlook Newsreader
> with WINDBG is available at
> The list archive is maintained on the web, in full text searchable
> form. The search facility is available from the homepage at
> (select WINDBG from the drop-down menu in
> the SEARCH box on the left).
> Postings to this list should be in plain ASCII text (postings in
> HTML are presently allowed, but not greatly appreciated by the list
> members). Postings with attachments (or multiple body parts) will be
> rejected.
> Almost everything that you might ever need to do regarding your list
> membership is most easily and effectively performed via Lyris’s Web
> interface at Go check it out now…
> The web interface allows you to select which TYPE of membership
> (discussion, digest, index, no mail), allows you to manage your
> list password (which can be different from your OSR Online password),
> and allows you to re-set your account when it has been put on “hold”.
> Every message you receive has a footer that tells you how to get off
> this list. Please, we beg you, Do NOT send administrative requests
> to the posting address “”.
> If you have ANY problems related to the ntdev Discussion List,
> please do not post them to the list. List managers (A.K.A. List
> Slaves) are at your disposal for this very purpose; please avail
> yourself of the resource:
> Â Â Â Â
> The List Slaves do not monitor the list every day. Mostly, the list
> just runs itself. If you experience problems with the list, or you
> stop getting postings from the list for several days, please don’t
> hesitate to contact the List Slaves.
> Once again, welcome to the WINDBG Discussion List.
> The List Team
> OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc.