Re: value of open-source in the driver community (was "how to execute a process...")

As of today, you can order the DDK’s for the cost of shipping at this

Also, I believe that the ext2 driver would be a very nice addition to
cygwin, currently owned by Red Hat. Cygwin is an emulation of a
Unix/Linux command line environment running on NT/2k/XP.
I would approach the Cygnus/RedHat developers first.

George Blat

At 10:14 AM 9/1/2003, you wrote:

David J. Craig |ntdev/1.0-Allow| wrote:
>The DDK is “free”, or at least free in Microsoft speak. You have to pay for
>“shipping and handling”, but at $15-25 it is cheaper than the Linux books
>being sold. Sounds like Mandrake doesn’t like Windows.

I browsed the web page, and found that the IFS kit is $899.00.

The DDK Suite 2 is listed as $199.95.

I tried to follow the links to find the CD price for just the
Windows XP SP1 DDK, and got a 404. There are no downloads of
any DDK more recent then NT4.

(I get my DDK from the MSDN subscription.)

That said, I’m pretty sure it’s also true that Mandrake doesn’t
like Windows;-)

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