Re: UWF and FltGetFileNameInformation/FltParseInformation

This is a bigger issue than just FltParseFileNameInformation it seems :wink:
None of the calls work in this particular case, either. Namely,
FltQueryFileNameInformation or even FltPerformSynchronousIo.

Heads up :frowning:

Kind regards, Dejan.

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 11:42 PM Dejan Maksimovic

> Hi, all.
> Has anyone had issues with FltParseInformation when UWF filter is
> running on W10E? (Unified Write Filter)
> This specifically happens only when the folder name is 5 characters
> (e.g. D:\12345)
> Steps to reproduce:
> - Set your minifilterโ€™s Altitude to 390000 or higher (so that it is
> above the UWF filter at least)
> - Turn on UWF feature via Programs and Features->Turn WIndows features
> on or off
> - It is under Device Lockdown->Unified Write Filter
> After reboot, make D:\12345 (or another volume, but not the C volume)
> Run the following commands in Admin command prompt/PowerShell:
> uwfmgr.exe volume protect d:
> uwfmgr.exe file add-exclusion d:\12345
> uwfmgr.exe filter enable
> Reboot
> If your minifilter uses FltGetFileNameInformation and then
> FltParseInformation, the ->Name and ->Volume will be identical (instead of
> Volume being just the volume part, it also contains \12345).
> Kind regards, Dejan.