RE: Update Driver... [newbie] inf question.

I use the Have Disk path, or simply copy the .sys file to the directory.

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Unfortunately I can’t be any help on this one, as I’m working on exactly the
same thing as we speak, but if someone emails you directly with a solution
is there any chance you could forward the response on to me?

Many thanks,

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On Win2000 what changes are needed (to the inf file) to
ensure that a newly
supplied driver will be chosen over a previously installed (but less
recent) driver when the user chooses to “Update Driver…”
followed by
“Search for a suitable driver for my device (recommended)”
and “Specify a

I’ve updated the inf’s DriverVer entry in both the [Version] and
[DDInstall] sections (so the new driver should appear to be
more recent)
but Win2k still insists that “A suitable driver is already
even though its DriverVer entry indicates that it is less
recent. In other
words, Win2000 does not choose the newly supplied driver (in
a different
location) over the previously installed driver.

The driver is unsigned if that makes a difference. (I notice
the knowledge
base has this to say…

When the operating system searches for drivers, it chooses a
driver with a
more recent DriverVer date over a driver with an earlier
date. If an INF
has no DriverVer entry or is unsigned, the operating system
applies the
default date of 00/00/0000.

…though I’m sure I’ve seen unsigned drivers upgrade just
fine so nagging
doubts remain that this should work with unsigned drivers.)

Okay, there are two obvious ways around this…suggest that
the user choose
the “Display a list of the known drivers…” option followed by “Have
Disk…” followed by “Browse…” to so force the location
containing the
new driver to be the only one searched, Or suggest that the
user ensure
that the newly supplied driver resides in the location from which the
original version of the driver was installed.

I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious. I guess I’m
looing for
explanations as to why changing DriverVer doesn’t have the
desired effect.


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