RE: Third party Tools/Libraries for NT file system driver- development

Go to for information on the
Microsoft IFS Kit. Yet it can be purchased and the latest version (for
Windows 2000) does have documentation.

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I need to develop a NT file system driver. Could you suggest me the
tools/Development kits that would help me? I have the book “Windows NT File
System Internals - A Developers guide” by Rajeev Nagar, O’Reilly publishers.

I tried to compile the file system sample available in that book and
unfortunately I don’t have IFS. The sample is using a header file available
with Microsoft’s IFS. Microsofts IFS does not have any documentation or
support available. So I am not sure if I can buy that. If any of you have
any suggestions about any third party tools or libraries please let me know.

I also heard of Numega’s DriverStudio, but I don’t know how good it is. Any
of you ever used it? Your input is very valuable and I appreciate it very


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