RE: Suspend vs Executive in Second Param to KeWaitForSing-leObject

You should not use suspended wait reason. The waitreason field is purely an
informational field. When a user queries the information of a thread, the
waitreason tells you why the thread is waiting (either for IO, or its
because its suspended etc.).


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Hey Folks,

I was looking at the usbbulk example in the DDK, and noticed the
following line

waitStatus = KeWaitForSingleObject(

What does the Suspended Flag do in this call. I looked up its definition
in the DDK, and did not find a reference. What I did find, was in the
man page for KeWaitForSingleObject, says you should use either Executive
or UserRequest. No mention of Suspended, or any of the other defines
(Which there are many) for this type that are in wdm.h.