[RE] So long and thanks for all the fish

After six years and some hundred thousand hits it’s time to hand over
www.ntdev.org and www.ntfsd.org to the professionals at OSR, who have
made it their business to support this group since its beginnings.
Thanks to Peter and Dan and everyone else there for their support!

If anyone wants a copy of the NTDEV and NTFSD web sites in their current
form, I’ll be happy to cook a CD-ROM for you for $5 + postage. If you’re
interested send me an email at xxxxx@sequest.com.

One very tired web server can be visited at the New Hampshire Home For
The Technically Obsolete. In spite of some of the bad press Microsoft
gets, it’s quite a tribute that a cheap PC clone running NT4 SP3 and
IIS2 with no firewall survived six years and hundreds of hack attempts
largely unscathed. Thanks, Microsoft!

Bob Kennett
Retired Web Admin