RE: service took long time to load driver when set to aut-omatic

The service control manager database is locked for about that long just
after boot.

This is quoted from the MSDN doc for the StartService() API:

A service cannot call StartService during initialization. The
reason is that the service control manager locks the service
control database during initialization, so a call to StartService
will block. Once the service reports to the service control
manager that it has successfully started, it can call StartService.

Have a look at LockServiceDatabase() for more information.

Dave Cox
Hewlett-Packard Co.
HPSO/SMSO (Santa Barbara)

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Hi all,

When a user mode service that set to manual load a file filter driver, it
took about 0.3 seconds. However, when I set the service to automatic, it
took about 120 seconds to load the driver.

I do not see other part of the service have this delay.

I am not quite sure what’s the implication here and hope someone can shed
some light what can cause performance hit.


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