Re: Security Attributes on a Notification Event creat ed at Kernel level

At 20.19 03/05/2002, you wrote:

> Do not use named events. MS have obsoleted this technique.
> Create an unnamed event in user mode and pass the handle to the driver via
Named events have their use. Start winobj and open BaseNamedObjects folder.
Suprisingly, there are a lot of named events created by OS. Names indicate
their possible use.

no, no, wait, nobody said that *named events* are obsolete. Using named
events to synchronize with a device driver is. Think multisession Windows
(Terminal Services, XP, .NET Server). There’s no single \BaseNamedObjects,
there are many, one per session, and there’s no easy way to determine an
object’s full path. A handle, instead, uniquely identifies the object
locally to the current process