Re: Re-usability of code (Was: Problem using queued s pinlocks on single cpu computer)

OK we are regurgitating the C++ in the kernel Flame War again.

Yes you can write reusable code in C, however what you end up writing will
most likely look a lot like hand crafted C++ written in C. Why not use the
C++ compiler, which has all of those language constructs built into it to
support extensible re-usable code?

Mark Roddy

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Subject: [ntdev] Re: Re-usability of code (Was: Problem using
queued spinlocks on single cpu computer)

“Daniel Simard” wrote:
> >
> > Although I know that you guys at OSR don’t like C++, but
> here we are
> > using it for 3 years and over 40 differents drivers that do
> “real time
> > audio/video editing” and it helped us a lot since we are
> re-using C++
> > objects everywhere (this is a big time gain everytime you
> write a new
> > driver because you use debugged objects).
> You can get just as much re-usability in C if you plan well.
> I believe the concept of re-usable code has in fact been
> around a lot longer than C++.
> Anyone here build libraries containing useful C functions?
> Chris
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